(C) 2010 April Evans

I’ve had the travel bug for as long as I can remember.  It’s only recently in life that I’ve been able to really start seeing a bit more of the world, though.  As much as I longed to get out and fly around the globe, even I was surprised by what an impact the experience has had on me.  And it’s this, which inspired my site’s name in concert with a bit of lyrics from “Changes in Latitudes” by Jimmy Buffett:  “Changes in latitudes, changes in attitudes, nothing remains quite the same…”

For each new latitude and longitude visited, each new culture and landscape, each new person encountered, leaves one a different person than before the journey began.  I’d like to help inspire and encourage others to have the same encounters.  Come along with this dude to new some new latitudes!

A word about photos…while I do take an occasional picture, and will share them on here, my lovely wife is unquestionably the photographer in the family!  So the vast majority of pictures on here will be by her, and marked accordingly.  Most photographs are available for purchase as prints, please visit her site here:


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